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Royal Multitek Solutions was incorporated in 1997 to cater to the manufacturers in India to source their raw material requirements. The company since then has been on a steady growth trajectory and has crossed many milestones and many boundaries. In the year 2003 we started our international operations with the main focus on the feed industry.

The primary business function of Royal Multitek Solutions is

  • To cater to the raw material requirements for feed manufacturing Industry across the world.

With a clear vision of being a "Reliable" partner for our clients in their raw material sourcing, in these years we have created many a relationships and serving as a bridge for the manufacturers to source their quality raw materials. RMS has proved to be a trustworthy organization for clients across the world.

RMS has focused on and created a niche in the animal feed manufacturing industry and continue to grow and expand its operations in several countries. We understand the importance of delivering the raw materials to our clients at the appropriate time, and that needs precise planning and state of the art logistics and warehousing facilities. Keeping this in mind, RMS established its own offices and warehouses in strategic locations in order to serve our clients better.
RMS Branches
RMS Associate offices
South Korea
This office/warehouse network helps us maintain a steady supply and time schedules and serve our clients to their exact requirement. RMS is scheduled to open offices in Malaysia & Japan shortly.

We understand that the raw material sourcing is the most important function for any manufacturing activity. Sourcing the quality raw material at the correct price and making it available for the manufacturer at the right time is the key to the success of any manufacturing. We understand this very well and keep this as our goal, we try to improve our service always in order to achieve the highest level of standards in this field.
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