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  Education services

Under the education services RMS focuses on providing skill development training services & knowledge quotient enhancer programs.

Services include:

  1. Content development for customized needs.
  2. World standard education programs for financial services - Partner programs
  3. Training delivery services

Content development

At RMS-ES we believe that content development goes beyond creating power point presentations and flashy slides. RMS-ES believes in “Research before delivery” policy.
Any content requirement is thoroughly analyzed for its relevance, impact and measurable parameters and marked to the participant’s practical implementation.

We do not make contents that cannot be implemented by the user practically at the shortest possible time and derive benefit for which it is intended.

Our contents come clear of any copy right problems and customers are protected by way of license to use the content. Partner programs come with appropriate disclaimers and user conditions.

Skill development contents – self development series

  1. Self development – for frontline sales people
  2. Self development – For trainers
  3. Self development – for junior managers across the functions and training managers.
  4. Self development – Area managers, sales managers, functional in charge


We offer customized programs to suit to the business and HR needs. The programs include soft skills and management education such as “Team dynamics, leadership, issue resolution, work place inter-personal relationships, business etiquette, code of conduct, perception management.

Process for client engagement

  • Need understanding
  • Research & report (sign off for preview)
  • Preview (sign off for final version)
  • Content transfer with copy right & train the trainer.
  • Delivery and reporting (optional)
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